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Welcome to the Beebe and Allied Families Website -

This website was created for all friends and families of the Beebes. The intention is to have a place where we can gather and share information, news, stories, and maybe even a few rumors (have you heard we are related to the royal family??)  The genealogy research was conducted by Sheila Jo (Beebe) Butler.

The website was created, and is managed by, Cassi Beebe; please feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, inclusions, errors, or questions. You can also submit pictures or other media by using the contact form and I will upload them to the website.

How to post something to this website(via the Forums):

  1. Click above on the menu item 'Forums'. This will take you  to the main forum page.
  2. On the left side of the page near the bottom you will see a button marked 'Register'. Click on this button.
  3. This will take you to a registration page. Simply enter the user name you want to use and a valid email address.
  4. Your user name and password will be emailed to the email address supplied above. It will also include a link to log in. Once you have checked your email, return to the login page and enter this information.
  5. The default for a new user is 'spectator'; this means that you can only view until a moderator approves your registration and changes your status to 'participant'. This has been done so that we can try to keep spammers off our forum.
  6. Once you have participant status you can add to the existing forums or add a forum of your own. I have no problem with this as long as it is related to the Beebe and Allied Families. This is pretty broad; it can be stories, announcements, questions, basically anything relevant.
  7. There are some forums that I have already set up; a main forum for the four families, and a forum for rumors and, etc. Please use these to post specific stories and information about family members. Otherwise, feel free to create a forum of your own.
  8. If you spam the page, try to sell anything, abuse other participants, or post objectionable content then you MAY receive one warning depending on how bad it is. Extremely offensive posters will be immediately blocked. No appeal rights. Sorry, this is an autocracy not a democracy. Behave or leave.


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Welcome to the Beebe and Allied Families website!